Marriage counseling, also known as couples counseling, is a therapeutic intervention that helps couples manage various problems within their relationship. Couples often seek marriage counseling in order to strengthen their relationship by managing conflict, infidelity, and other interpersonal problems they may face.

Marriage Counseling
Marriage counseling

In marriage counseling, couples meet with a psychologist trained in providing therapy services to couples. The clinician and a couple openly explore dynamics of the relationship, allowing the clinician to identify underlying issues that may exacerbate some of the problems the couple faces. It is important that both individuals are committed and are open to explore uncomfortable realities of their pasts or current situations. Couples counseling has been found to be effective for couples who are motivated to strengthen their relationship despite significant interpersonal difficulties.

Often times, the beginning of a relationship is filled with happiness and passion. Many may describe the early phases as a fairytale. However, when the honeymoon period fades, many couples may struggle in working through difficult moments that occur. Some individuals may feel lost, explaining nothing they do seems to help or make their partner happy. This may often lead to helplessness or more distant relationships. It is common for partners to resent or blame each other for ongoing problems within the relationship. This tends to increase feelings of inadequacy, resulting in individuals feeling judged or insecure.

Marriage Goals

Meeting with a psychologist tends to help couples express their unhappiness and the desire to build a more trusting and supportive relationship. The psychologist facilitates the communication between the individuals by helping them learn new ways to express themselves- without the sarcasm and blame. Issues that an individual might have been afraid to open up about can often come to light during the therapy process. This allows couples to work through intimacy problems, infidelity, or other sensitive issues that may impact the relationship.

Goals of marriage therapy often include strengthening the friendship between both partners, where they can communicate and trust each other. The relationship becomes more nurturing and supportive when couples learn to communicate more effectively. The empathy and respect in the relationship will increase, ultimately helping each individual feel more secure and appreciated within the relationship. Most importantly, it is common for marriage counseling to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their partner, as well as themselves.

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