Marriage Therapy

Marriage Counseling
Marriage counseling

Many couples seek marriage therapy in order to identify underlying problems that contribute to increased marital conflict or disagreements. According to research, the rates of couples seeking marriage therapy increased in the 1970s when divorce rates began to rise in the United States. The rates of couples seeking marriage therapy and counseling remain high. Various issues may lead to scheduling the first appointment. For example, many couples indicate that simple disagreements, such as the way dishes should be placed in the dishwasher, escalate to never-ending battles where both spouses feel hurt and disengaged. Often times the escalation of these arguments indicates underlying factors that contribute to the irritability, disengagement, and the inability to resolve these issues effectively and positively.

Marriage therapy for the first time

When first begin their marriage counseling, many individuals ask, “is it possible to save my marriage?” Many of them feel that they may have waited too long to seek help or that their problems are unsolvable. However, the process of marriage therapy includes assisting each spouse in the relationship learn and grow, rather than attempting to change solely one person. The individuals learn skills and gain a deeper understanding of their partners feelings and behaviors while learning how to communicate more effectively.

The clinician provides the couple with the guidance and the support needed in order to implement a productive problem-solving setting. Additionally, the psychologist will assure that the communication between the spouses will remain insightful and respectful throughout the session. The marriage therapist will intervene if an individual becomes controlling, combative, or overly critical. Marriage counseling is a process. The number of sessions that couples may need does differ based on the intensity of the problems and the progress that each individual demonstrates.

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