Who is a pediatric psychologist?

A pediatric psychologist is a trained mental health clinician who specifically works with children, adolescents, and their families. They specialize in identifying and addressing psychological characteristics that are often associated with certain behaviors, illnesses, and other health-related conditions. A pediatric psychologist will evaluate the child to diagnose any mental health concerns or learning difficulties that may impact the individual’s overall functioning. Based on the initial evaluation, a pediatric psychologist will then work with the child and family to develop an individualized treatment plan addressing the child’s unique treatment needs. It is also common for pediatric psychologists to use a multidisciplinary approach by collaborating with other clinicians, physicians, and school personnel involved.

Pediatric Psychologist
Pediatric Psychologist

When to take your child to a pediatric psychologist?

It is common for parents to seek out pediatric psychology services when their child is experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties, as well as when parents may face difficulties handling or coping with certain conditions or behaviors. Pediatric psychology services help parents and children understand the condition and develop a treatment plan to address the presenting problem. In treatment, the pediatric psychologist meets with child and helps them develop effective coping mechanisms to improve their emotional wellbeing. Parents are also often taught skills to better manage behaviors or increase the structure in their home. Many parents often benefit from learning how to communicate with their child and are taught skills to increase their ability to understand and meet their child’s needs. 

What can you expect at your initial appointment?

Your initial appointment provides the opportunity for the pediatric psychologist to get to know your child and family. The pediatric psychologist will gather information regarding the presenting issue, your child’s development, family history, family dynamics, academic functioning, and behavioral and emotional concerns. Pediatric psychologists will provide education on your child’s condition, behaviors, or interventions that may be used to help you and your family gain more insight into the presenting issues. Additionally, you will also discuss therapeutic goals with the pediatric psychologist and how those therapeutic goals will be addressed throughout the treatment process. The pediatric psychologist may also provide you and your family with homework to further enhance the work that is being done in the therapeutic space. Finally, the duration and frequency of therapeutic sessions will be addressed once the clinician has completed your child’s evaluation and treatment goals are identified. 

How can you make an appointment with a qualified pediatric psychologist?

Contact Miami Psychology Group to find out more about pediatric therapy services with one of our licensed psychologists. Appointments for testing and therapy services are available. Miami Psychology Group also provides individual, family, and couples therapy services in Miami Beach and Miami. Tele-therapy services are available for children and adults who may feel more comfortable receiving therapeutic services from the comfort of their own home.