The Joy of Missing Out (JOMO not FOMO)

Living in the moment is a difficult task for many individuals, as fears of missing out are often increased due to social media, the media, and societal pressures. Social media has created increased pressure to fit in and participate in various activities. Many individuals describe the need to compare their lives to other people’s’ lives due to updates they constantly receive through social media. Attending certain social events or new and hip places have become priorities for many, as they feel it will allow them to fit into certain social groups. However, many individuals are not aware of the impact social media and societal pressures may have on their lives. The fear of missing out and the need to constantly fit in becomes addictive and eventually negatively impacts our happiness and sense of peace.  

FOMO is a popular phrase that is used to express The Fear of Missing Out; however, their is a slight shift happening where many individuals are now using the phrase JOMO- The Joy of Missing Out. JOMO is often described as a more emotionally intelligent feeling of enjoying alone time and finding happiness within oneself. JOMO could be seen as a more mindful way of life where you are satisfied with your current state of being. Reaching this stage in life requires insight and awareness into the societal pressures that exist and the realities of the social media world. Accepting that what is portrayed on social media is often biased and not necessarily accurate is crucial. Additionally, being able to disconnect and focus on personal goals and living a more meaningful life will lead you to a more JOMO state of mind.

So what happens when we start living a life where we could be who we want while avoiding the competition, pressure, and expectations that today’s world has set for us? We tend to find more happiness and we may actually start enjoying certain things we are missing out on. Allowing ourselves to fully feel both positive and negative emotions creates a more meaningful life. Living such life may influence us to make certain lifestyle changes because we understand the benefits of those changes, rather than making those changes due to societal pressures. JOMO allows us to slow down and set personal priorities that may include self-care, family life, and career choices. Additionally, JOMO allows us to say “no” to certain people, events, or other pressures that may take time away from some of our priorities.

It is common for individuals to feel stuck in a world of competition and pressure. Fearing that they will miss out if they do not attend certain functions may cause an increase in stress and a decrease in self-confidence. It is often difficult for many to disconnect, say “no”, set priorities, and use their time in a more positive and self-fulfilling way. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may benefit from talking to a qualified psychologist. Licensed psychologists at The Miami Psychology Group are currently accepting new patients in the Miami and Miami Beach areas.