Preparing for the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused many to panic as some states have declared a state of emergency. The media has suggested that people begin preparing for the Coronavirus Outbreak and preparing to quarantine themselves in their homes as the virus continues to spread rapidly. The majority of schools have already set virtual systems for their students to continue the school year remotely, if needed. Students, parents, and teachers have been trained to use online systems that would allow students to watch lectures, participate in classroom discussions, and turn assignments in from their homes. As schools are developing the contingency plans, many parents are starting to worry about preparations for their homes. 

Preparing for the Coronavirus Outbreak
Preparing for the Coronavirus Outbreak

Stocking Up on Household Supplies

Although many stores are facing water, sanitizer, cleaning products, and toilet paper shortages as a result of people stocking up, it has been recommended to limit buying excessive amounts of these products. Most experts recommend that families buy supplies for approximately two weeks rather than hoard excessive amounts of supplies. It is recommended that families have food that could be easily prepared, such as canned foods, peanut butter, nuts, dried fruits, and already prepared frozen meals. It is also important to have enough liquids, such as water and drinks with electrolytes, for every family member. CDC suggested a checklist to help you with planning and preparing for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Maintaining Lifestyle Consistency

It is well-known that children benefit from consistency and it is important to also realize that consistency also helps adults better manage their stress. In the event that you may have to be or you make a decision to be quarantined at home with your family, it is important to try to maintain as much consistency as possible. For example, if you have the ability to work remotely, you should schedule your work time at home while children work on their schoolwork remotely. If exercise is a part of your daily routine, then exercising at home should continue. Using online exercise class videos can be a fun way to engage your family to exercise together. It may also be helpful to have board games and puzzles at the house to keep everyone entertained. Creating a schedule that includes work, schoolwork, and fun activities will maintain the structure in the home at a time where other activities outside the home may not be possible. 

Managing Stress Levels

Most importantly, moments of panic and stress can weaken our immune systems. Stress management is crucial at this time; therefore, implementing effective coping mechanisms is extremely important. It is common for individuals to improve or develop effective coping mechanisms through psychotherapy services. Fortunately, virtual therapy often helps individuals maintain their regularly scheduled therapy appointments during difficult times, as individuals are able to speak to their psychologists from anywhere. If you are having difficulties preparing for the coronavirus outbreak and for the possibly having to self-quarantine at home, it may be helpful to speak to a qualified psychologist. Miami Psychology Group offers individual, family, and couples therapy services in the Miami and Miami Beach area.