Dr. Elsa Orlandini is a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida and the founder of Miami Psychology Group. At Miami Psychology Group, Dr. Orlandini works with individuals, couples and families struggling to deal with various stressors, whether personal, professional or familial to include both mental health. She also has significant experience consulting with attorneys, physicians and other professionals regarding the mental health needs of individuals or their families. A number of Dr. Orlandini’s clients have been high-profile celebrities, athletes and business leaders enmeshed in complex conflicts requiring sophisticated levels of care, treatment interventions with the utmost discretion.

Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini is eager to delve into complicated client issues and is technically and therapeutically aggressive in attempting to help clients develop treatment gains, growth and independence from treatment. She takes an active and supportive approach with her clients, molding interventions to meet each client’s needs and active support networks.

As a certified sex therapist, Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini also has experience working with individuals and couples experiencing physical or psychological sexual problems. She provides therapy and counseling.

In addition to providing psychotherapy services for over 20 years, Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini was the Training Director at one of the largest community mental health institutions in Florida. She supervised the training of clinical psychologists. She has practiced in various settings, including hospitals and outpatient facilities. Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini has been invited to serve as a public speaker and consultant to multiple institutions, including over 100 TV appearances. She earned her Doctor of Psychology and two Masters degrees at Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida.

To arrange an appointment or to discuss any of the services provided by Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini please contact Miami Psychology Group. As part of her concierge services, Dr. Elsa M. Orlandini is willing to provide psychologist, therapist and counselor services at the Miami Beach location with specific arrangements and conditions.