If you are a successful Alpha woman can you find and keep a man? Some say no.

 It is common for many alpha females to question whether their ambitious, goal-oriented personality may hinder their chances of meeting a partner. Usually when individuals hear the term “alpha female” they immediately think of a highly confident, intelligent, driven female, which may initially intimidate others. However, research has found that alpha females tend to view themselves as equals around others and aim to make others around them feel comfortable rather than intimidated. It is said that true alphas females create impactful relationships with others, as their confidence is contagious. In a group setting, the presence of an alpha female often influences others to feel more at ease and confident. 

An alpha female is generally known as a leader. Their ambitious, self-driven, and confident nature make them natural leaders and mentors. Others tend to look for help and advice from alpha females due to their success and likable nature. Although alpha females tend to embrace their ability to be positive and impactful leaders, they are not afraid to ask for help and seek advice when needed. The ability to ask for help is attributed to their fearlessness as well as their strong beliefs that they are equal to those around them. 

An important trait that may often make alpha females stand out is their constant need to learn more. They are interested in various fields and tend to continuously educate themselves on various topics. It is extremely common for alpha females to take additional courses, read immensely, and connect with individuals who are knowledgeable in different areas. Additionally, alpha females learn from their personal experiences and often use negative experiences as learning experiences. It is not easy for an alpha female to give up; therefore, she tends to see the silver-lining in all negative experiences and may often become stronger as a result of these incidents. 

Although alpha females appear to have numerous positive traits, the competitiveness and clashes with other alpha females or alpha males may cause significant stress in various settings of their lives. It is also still possible that others may misinterpret their strong personalities, which may lead to backlash from others, increasing tension in certain relationships. In addition, relationship problems may arise if a significant other feels neglected due to an alpha female’s busy lifestyle and numerous interests. Many alpha females tend to benefit from psychotherapy services in order to gain effective stress management skills and insight into how their lifestyle may impact their significant others or dating life. Licensed psychologists at the Miami Psychology Group are currently accepting patients in the Miami and Miami Beach area.